Christmas arguments

I’d like to approach dilemma’s in a rational way, that should’t suprise anyone. Seriously considering every option and weighing the pros and cons seams like te best way to make serious decisions. And yes, i’m guilty of applying this method to relatively small problems whereby allmost all decisions require a lot of research and preperation. I well aware that the decision making process doesn’t work this way for everyone. But sometimes i feel like the world would be simpler and nicer if more people approached decisions in a rational way. 

The Christmas holidays are typically spent with family, thats also the case for me. Fortunately my family always keeps these events low key and there aren’t a lot of them. Still, this is a tressfull week which i dont perticularly like. So yesterday i had an argument with my parents about religion, they are both devoted Christians. I don’t beleave in God, purely because i don’t see the evidence for beleaving in God. 

My parents feel that it is within their right to ask me to participate in Christian traditions and conventions. I disagree wholehartedly, i’m adult and i have made my choice after extensive research. Provide me with the evidence that your God exists and i’ll join in prayer. Until that happens I can’t and I won’t. 

Praying to the Christian God and going to Church feels like betraying myself. Accepting or condoning values that are not mine, values that are in conflict with my values. I can’t support a religion that discriminates against some people because of their race or gender. A religion that is based on a book riddled with contradictions and lies.

The fact that we can’t talk about this topic calmly doesn’t help. My parents can’t understand how i could not beleave. I’m baffled how they can beleave without having any reason or evidence proving that the God they devote their lives to exists. 

It’s fine if someone wants to beleave in a God without concrete evidence. If that makes you happy, i’m happy. 

Don’t expect me to follow, don’t ask me to follow.

What I’m trying to say is be honest with yourself, always. You can’t keep pretending to be someone you’re not, not if you’re trying to be happy. It’s not worth it, no matter who is asking.

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