2020 – Me being me

Last year i still had to discover in practice in what way aspergers influenced my day to day life, and how i could deal with that. I have learned a lot; what approaches do work and which don’t. 

My theme of 2020 will be me being me. After observing my behavior it is time to apply this knowledge in a useful way.  I learned that the fear of not fitting in  causes me a lot of stress.  So if i could let go of those feelings more I would get a lot of potentially productive time back. 

I have already learned to care less  -which is awesome-, but this year i will take that to the next level. My focus is to improve myself as a person, doing what makes me actually happy. So this year i have a few goals:

•  Improve my photography

•  Start reading again

•  Start exercising

•  Take a solo trip

•  Quit smoking

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