I have been working from home for two weeks now. I’m slowly getting used to this new situation, adjusting has been more difficult then preciously had expected. Besides a short daily walk i don’t leave the house. So last Thursday i have run out of cigarettes. Normally i buy them at a gas station during my work commute or on a train station, now i don’t have easy access to stores where I’m not recognized. 

Yeah, i don’t like going to local supermarkets because i will run in to a lot of people that recognize me. Partially because i feel uncomfortable in the store in general and also because I’m somewhat ashamed that I’m buying cigarettes. And driving to a store a few towns over solely for cigarettes seems just ridiculous. Being able to control my instinct behavior is something I’m somewhat proud of, but that doesn’t seem to apply to quitting smoking. The problem has been that there is almost always a store that sells cigarettes nearby when i have a moment of weakness. 

So yeah, i haven’t smoked for the past three days because I’m to cowardly to go to a local supermarket. Maybe this pandemic could help me quit smoking for good this time. Lets see what’s stronger, my desire to smoke or my dislike for local supermarkets. 

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