You don’t have to grow up by someone else’s rules

Recently a friend told me he wasn’t planning to buy the next generation game consoles which are scheduled to release later this year. This because he doesn’t see himself playing videogames as an adult, he needs to grow up.

I’m planning to buy the next generation game consoles but felt somewhat guilty and immature for not wanting to let go a silly and non productive hobby. It’s not like gaming is the only non traditional adult thing I still do. But is leaving that stuff behind really the responsible and grownup thing to do?

A few years ago I started listening to the incomparable podcast, recently I’ve been listening to older episodes I had never heard. So this week I listened to the 200th episodes titled Butter Zone while walking through the woods. In this episode the panelists discussed their geeky enthousiasme and why they chose not to leave them behind.

While listening to this episode I realized that I didn’t want to leave my geeky interests behind, but i thought that I should. The incomparable told my that I shouldn’t if I didn’t want to. It’s okay not to do so.

Although the episode is almost 6 years old at this moment, that was exactly what I needed to hear. You can be assured that I’ll buy that console later this year, I’ll watch the science fiction shows and keep listening to your excellent commentary. Thank you incomparable panel of episode 200. Thank you!

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