I like the way I look

Since I started with photography I discovered that creating something truly gives me satisfaction. I love the way I can design and show something my way. Being creative, not doing something thousands have done exactly the same before me is wat gives me satisfaction.

In my job those moments are hard to find, so I’ve turned to photography and recently cinematography. The past year I wanted to create a first short film. I’m on a short trip this week and we’re recording some scenes for my first short movie.

A few hours ago I browsed to the footage to select what’s worth keeping. And when I looked at myself in those clips I liked the person I saw.

Normally I don’t like pictures of myself. Recently i started taking multiple selfies a week during walks. For documenting myself during the years and also to be more comfortable with myself.

It really surprised me to be this positive about myself in the clips I just reviewed. And I’m really happy about that. The theme of this year is me being me, accepting myself. I’ve come a long way, and I’m allowed to be proud of that.

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