Moving out

The moment that I want and should move out of my parents home is approaching quickly. And I feel conflicted about the entire situation. I’m excited to start my own independent life, but there is so much I don’t and can’t know about living alone.

I’m not sure where I want to live, city or small town? Should I rent or buy? How will living alone affect me, Will I keep my healthy routines without external pressure?

Making big decisions has always been incredibly hard, and this decision is the biggest one yet. Two years ago I had to choose what study to follow and at what college, after many many lists and conversations I still had no idea what to choose. I pulled the trigger last minute with my eyes closed and hoped for the best.

That’s not a good decision making process, but it hasn’t changed. I do have an option for a pretty decent apartment, but I’m not sure I’m ready. I don’t know what is the right decision. And I’m sick of thinking about it, it’s not like thinking about it more is resulting in an useful answer.