Hello world, its me!

HI! For a long time I have planned to start a blog to share my experience what it is like having aspergers. Also writing honestly might be helpful for myself. When trying to write down frustrating or complexe situations I’m forcing myself to analyse those situations which has given me some helpful insights before.

Who am I? I’m a Dutch guy in his early twenties and diagnosed with aspergers. I have only been diagnosed since my 20th. This has explained al lot of stuff for me. I realised that a lot of discomforts in my life could by explained by aspergers. More importantly, after further conversations with my psychiatrist I realised I could make my life significantly easier with some simple changes.

So I did. Knowing I had aspergers did explain a lot of my behaviour. With this knowledge if could prepare myself better to deal with these situations. There was a way I could systematically improve my life. Thats what I have been trying to do the last few years. I’m not nearly there yet but I have made a lot of progress.

On this blog I will share my experience as a person with aspergers. I will share my frustrations, personal success stories and the occasional rant. I hope you will join me for this ride.

PS: i’m not a native English speaker please keep that in mind when finding grammar mistakes for the umpteenth time.